What is the Neo Community Forum?

What is the Neo Community Forum?

The forum was created to improve discussions around the Neo Blockchain. Its primary purpose is to allow investors, contributors, and other members to express their opinions.

Previous attempts to run a Neo Forum failed due to low adoption. The forum will only succeed if it is used. Please create an account and participate.

Why and When to Use the Forum?

The forum aims to:

  • Create a place for long and detailed discussions.
  • Allow anyone to create and discuss ideas about the Neo ecosystem.
  • Improve the communication between users, contributors, and investors.
  • Create a feedback channel for projects and Neo in general.
  • Welcome users into the Neo Ecosystem.

Other discussions are welcome, including price discussions, questions, and others. The forum should be used to offer feedback about
The Neo Community Forum is not a replacement for the existing communication channels.

Why a Forum?

Neo users often use Discord to communicate with each other. This is done across multiple different project servers.

Why not use other platforms?

The Neo Blockchain has several communication platforms, such as Medium, Telegram, Twitter, Discord, GitHub, and Reddit. We aren’t

Why not use Telegram or Discord?

These messaging applications are great for getting fast responses from other community members. However, users must download a separate application to view the forum’s contents, and the topics discussed there aren’t indexed by search engines.

  • For rapid support, utilize the official Neo channels on Telegram or Discord.

Why not use Reddit or X?

Neo has a large community on Reddit, but like X, these are social media platforms. They give more visibility to newer content.

  • Use the official Neo Reddit to have time-based discussions.
  • Use the $GAS and $NEO tickers on X.
  • Follow the Neo on X to receive updates about the Neo ecosystem.

Why not use Medium?

Medium is a blogging platform, and Neo uses it to make official announcements and publish reports. Neo blog posts include details that are often not present on other platforms. Read the posts to understand the overall strategy and plans of the Neo blockchain.

  • Follow Neo on Medium to receive announcements as soon as they are published.